Do animals have the voice for their right

Animals are living, breathing creatures who have families and responsibilities as you. There have been reports of animals being treated cruelly which is very wrong; it’s not like they can speak the human language and say “no” to you and fully understand what you are implying to them. That is why the Safari on Law perspective would have to think about the rights of the animals because they too should live and take care of their family like how you take care of your own. Don’t think that there are a lot of difference between animals and humans because there are also a lot of similarities.


Animals have been hunted down for various reasons and have been taken away from their family and their home. Because they cannot speak the human language do you ever wonder what they are saying? Yes, they are dangerous, but you still have to show empathy towards them because they may be different and have their language but they too have a heart and the brain and their soul. They might not wear clothes like you or have jobs like you but just like you they would still need to feed their family and take care of them.

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The rights of animals should be taken better care because you as a human are capable of constructing things like a weapon to protect yourself but what do the animals have? They have their protection methods like fangs, claws, and venom but you have evolved and had found ways to defend that type of protection. The Law perspective for animals shouldn’t be disregarded because they too have their needs and wants that you as a human may not understand. There have been countless animals that have been under the cruel touch of humans to the point that law now calls it as animal abuse.


Though there have been policies not to hunt rare animals you humans are quite stubborn and don’t know when to stop. If you continue hurting and hunting animals then the only animals that your next generation will be those in picture books and a museum. You might not have noticed, but there may be an animal right hurting getting hurt because they cannot speak the human language and say “stop! It hurts!”. You have your right that you know about but does the animal know about their right and how they should be preserved and not hunted for entertainment?


You might not understand the language of the animals and nor will the animals understand the human language but if you take away all the difference that you have with them, then you will see that there are also some similarities. You might think the deer up in a villa’s wall doesn’t have a family, but you never know if the family has been waiting for the loved one to come back after humans have shown up from their territory. Understand that there are a lot of rare animals in the world and if you allow them not to exist then they will only come alive through picture books and videos.

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