Taking Baby on Safari

No one would say that having a baby isn’t great, but sometimes it feels like caring for an infant child is like being trapped in a jail cell. With all of the fiscal responsibility, time constraints, and money it takes to raise an infant, plus all of the worry which goes into keeping your bundle of joy safe, going off on vacation can seem like a Herculean, if not impossible task. This may seem even more daunting when you try to go on one of the most exotic types of holiday excursions imaginable: an African safari. However, this sensation of debilitation does not have to be. In fact, if you are prepared to do the necessary planning, taking a baby on safari can be a relaxing and (nearly) stress-free experience. Checkout Mon Bébé Chéri for more information about babies !

Let’s first dispel some common misunderstandings which may be running through your mind right now. Contrary to what you may think, it really isn’t all that uncommon for parents to take their children on safari with them, even infants. Moving on, it is obvious that on a vacation of this type your child’s personal safety is paramount, and while you may think your biggest safety concern for your baby would be lions, leopards, and hyena’s it’s actually disease carrying mosquito’s. Mosquito’s are nasty vectors for potentially lethal diseases like malaria and yellow fever. Your child can, however, be protected from this through the administration of easy to find anti-malarial compounds. We do caution you to use Mosi-guard natural repellent, rather than harsher drugs which contain DEET, as the latter can be potentially harmful to children when applied liberally. Also, cover your child’s (as well as your own) sleeping area with anti-mosquito netting to mitigate any nighttime insect bites. Following tropical diseases, the next thing you’re going to have to plan around in sunny Africa is the risk of sunburn, so the use of high SPF sunblock is highly recommended.

Moving forward, there are some safari resorts which prohibit children under the age of twelve or fourteen from staying, but fortunately there are some camps which specialise in hosting families. In fact, some guides have safari “light” options which condense the safari experience into something which highlights the most exciting elements of the circuit. In the event that your baby is a little older, say around eighteen months, you’ll find yourself on a tour which captures both your interest and theirs throughout the entire tour.

On the other hand, if your child is younger and happens to fall asleep rather easily on long driving excursions you can likely get away with going on a standard tour without having to worry about any loud “infant moment” interruptions. As a final option, you can always hire a day sitter to watch your tyke at the resort while you enjoy the day.

To reiterate, while taking a baby on safari does require a little more planning than it would be if it was just you and your spouse, it is something that can still happen. Just be sure to take a few extra safety precautions and select a specialist resort, and you should have just as much fun as all of the other kid-free adults.

What the best Safari in New Zealand can offer you

If you are looking for a place that can test your hunting skills but don’t know where to go then don’t worry because the safari in New Zealand are the best and they can accommodate your hunting needs. If it is your first time or you are an experienced hunter with companions or doing it by yourself, they can still accommodate you to the best of their abilities. Transportation and equipment wouldn’t even be a problem for them to give you ( there are some electric car, according to John who deals with Brechmier electricite at Provins ) So enjoy yourself when you are doing your hunting in New Zealand because that is where the best Safari is.


The facilities in the Safari in New Zealand are complete so if you want to go hunting even the White Mountains or in the field you can bet that they have the equipment and transportation to lead you to the best hunting site. Whether the animal is on land or in the water, you can bet there always be an animal for you to hunt. They can even accommodate singles, doubles or family pack if you enjoy hunting with some companion. If you want to stay for the night, they have an estate for you to sleep in comfortably. You wouldn’t have to worry about private property because they own the big property so that you can hunt in a much larger field. They can offer you so much fun and enthusiasm when it comes to hunting because there are different animals in the area for you to hunt.

If you had a hard time trying to find an animal to hunt or you want just to rest for a while the view that New Zealand can offer you are fantastic. Beautiful waterfall, field, and mountains are the things that they can offer you when you just want to sit and relax after doing a hunt or just when you want to. You wouldn’t have to worry about the safety gear because they can offer you some and they also have hunting guides who are highly professional and well experience. You will never get lost in the area if you are out hunting with friends or with family. The property is large that cars and even helicopters would be needed so that you can quickly and safely arrive in your hunting ground. If you are getting hungry, you can go back to the estate so that you can eat high-quality food prepared by excellent chefs.


You would have your money’ worth and have the best hunting experience in the safari in New Zealand. Everything is accommodated for from the equipment, transportation and to the lodging and even the guide. You wouldn’t feel like you are lost or confuse because you can trust on the accommodation they have offered you. You can even share the experience because they can do single, double or even family packs. It would add to the fun when you are not hunting alone, and this can only be done in the safari in New Zealand.

How the talents of animals can capture your heart

Normally you would want to have a dog as a pet and also a cat as a pet, and you would think that pigs and horses and even rats wouldn’t be the kind of animals to do any trick, but you are wrong because they have to be shown to do an excellent job of entertaining people. From simple games of basketball to golf they can do it for you. This only comes to show that you should never underestimate the intelligence of an animal because they might amaze you with their talent. “Most of them have excellent hearing audtion” claims Barbara, who works for Audioprothésiste le Raincy next to Paris

  1. Sarah Hoeft and her pet Parrot Echo

You would enjoy this parrot because it can even speak Mexican and sing! You wouldn’t find any other parrot that can sing for you or even talk to you in Spanish.

  1. Florendo Macalama and his two pet dogs(Philippines’ got talent)

If you enjoy looking at dogs, then you would enjoy them dancing for you because the two dogs of Mr. Macalama can dance like it’s no one’s business.

  1. Ashleigh and her pet dog Pudsey

Another dog can dance you heart out especially if it can walk on its two feet because that is what Pudsey can do. It can dance for you and do awesome tricks for your entertainment. It has excellent excellent hearing capacities.

  1. Double Dan Horsemanship and their two horses

It is common to train dogs but horses?! Can you imagine them rolling over and sitting because they can, and the two horses of Double Dan Horsemanship can entertain you with some tricks and not only riding?

  1. Joe the Birdman and his talking parrot

When you need to talk to someone you can always talk to the parrot of Joe the Birdman because his parrot can talk and you might even have an interesting talk.

  1. Dodi Suryadi and his basketball playing rats

Rats are something but them playing basketball?! The rats of Dodi Suryadi from Indonesia can entertain you by playing basketball with their little ball and little rings ( checkout )

  1. Top hogs and his pet pig mudslinger

You might enjoy a piece of pork but not mudslinger because it can entertain you with simple tricks and moves dribbling a ball.

  1. Clint Carvalho and his Extreme Parrots

Another parrot can take your heart away because though they can speak different words or language they can even entertain you by doing simple tricks.

  1. Fantastic Fig and his pet cat ( )

A magician will don’t reveal his secret and neither does the pet cat of Fantastic Fig because the cat is his assistant for the magic trick.

  1. Mitch and called the wonder dog

Cally is a dog that is now part of the Guinness book of recording for popping a lot of balloons 41 seconds which is an amazing trick.

Now you know what are the animals that can take you heart away with their amazing talent. You can never believe it but it can happen, rats playing basketball and horses sitting and rolling over and pigs entertaining you with some dribbling and golf. You will enjoy watching them as they entertain you with their amazing talent.



Do animals have the voice for their right

Animals are living, breathing creatures who have families and responsibilities as you. There have been reports of animals being treated cruelly which is very wrong; it’s not like they can speak the human language and say “no” to you and fully understand what you are implying to them. That is why the Safari on Law perspective would have to think about the rights of the animals because they too should live and take care of their family like how you take care of your own. Don’t think that there are a lot of difference between animals and humans because there are also a lot of similarities.


Animals have been hunted down for various reasons and have been taken away from their family and their home. Because they cannot speak the human language do you ever wonder what they are saying? Yes, they are dangerous, but you still have to show empathy towards them because they may be different and have their language but they too have a heart and the brain and their soul. They might not wear clothes like you or have jobs like you but just like you they would still need to feed their family and take care of them.

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The rights of animals should be taken better care because you as a human are capable of constructing things like a weapon to protect yourself but what do the animals have? They have their protection methods like fangs, claws, and venom but you have evolved and had found ways to defend that type of protection. The Law perspective for animals shouldn’t be disregarded because they too have their needs and wants that you as a human may not understand. There have been countless animals that have been under the cruel touch of humans to the point that law now calls it as animal abuse.


Though there have been policies not to hunt rare animals you humans are quite stubborn and don’t know when to stop. If you continue hurting and hunting animals then the only animals that your next generation will be those in picture books and a museum. You might not have noticed, but there may be an animal right hurting getting hurt because they cannot speak the human language and say “stop! It hurts!”. You have your right that you know about but does the animal know about their right and how they should be preserved and not hunted for entertainment?


You might not understand the language of the animals and nor will the animals understand the human language but if you take away all the difference that you have with them, then you will see that there are also some similarities. You might think the deer up in a villa’s wall doesn’t have a family, but you never know if the family has been waiting for the loved one to come back after humans have shown up from their territory. Understand that there are a lot of rare animals in the world and if you allow them not to exist then they will only come alive through picture books and videos.

Deputies: Animal safari owner trampled to death by antelope

Varysburg, N.Y. — Deputies say the owner of an animal safari in Wyoming County was trampled to death.

Crews were called to Hidden Valley Animal Adventures around 12:30 a.m. Monday.

According to deputies, Hans Boxler, 81, was feeding animals in a fenced-in laneway when he was trampled by a Nilgai antelope that somehow had gotten out of its pen.

Family members found the antelope near its pen with an open door.


Hunting animals is just like golf, says Donald Trump as his sons pose with safari trophy kills

SICK photographs have emerged of two of Donald Trump’s sons showing off animals they murdered on kill safaris in Africa.

X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne posted a picture on Instagram of Donald Jnr, 38, and Eric, 32, proudly posing with a dead leopard after a hunting trip in Zimbabwe.

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